10 Year Arizona Homes For Sale Active History

Arizona Statistics for Arizona Homes for Sale 2001-2011

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Arizona Homes for sale 2001-2011


In review of the past 10 years of the total number of active listings for the greater Phoenix area we can see Arizona homes for sale trends. As seen in other articles we have posted trends are aligning with levels not seen since 2001. Arizona homes for sale prices and and as seen above, the inventory levels are changing coarse, suggesting a shift in the overall market. At RCP we study the trends in the Arizona Housing market and try to identify the lows and the highs. Inventory, price, Days on market, number of closings, and REO and foreclosure trends tell are constantly changing. REO shadow inventory is a major factor long term that need addressing.  Arizona homes for sale trend are currently pointing upwards. Great time to buy an Arizona Home before the inventory levels catch up will the projected standard growth levels and drive prices up.  Search Arizona homes For sale.


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