Pinal County Foreclosures and auctions

Auction list for Pinal County Foreclosures

Get a list daily of current Pinal County Foreclosures. Pinal County Foreclosures are like any other county foreclosures.


How the process works for Pinal County Foreclosures:

First – The home owner defaults on his mortgage or misses a few payments. At some point the bank makes the decision to foreclose on the property. The bank need to recapture as much of the money they loaned to the homeowner as possible. If the home owner is not co operating or paying his payments their is only one option, and that’s foreclosure.

Second- For Pinal County Foreclosures the bank must tell the world that they intend to foreclose on the property in question, as to avoid secret foreclosure without the owners knowledge. Simultaneously they post a notice of default on the property and in a newspaper. From this point the bank has to wait 90 days before they can exercise the foreclosure to allow time for the homeowner time to reinstate the loan or make up any missed payments or clear up any misunderstandings.

Third- At the end of 90 days the bank can foreclose. This is done by selling the property at public auction. The bank can also opt to postpone the auction of the property to allow additional time for the owner to get back on track. This is where the opportunity is… Read more
Pinal County Foreclosures